To successfully maintain the top position in this industry for such a long time, Incontro Prefabbricati has always focused on the quality of the solutions it offers, on solid guarantees and long term vision regarding the investment policy, a good scaling strategy, as well as constantly increasing the variety of the products and services offered. Moreover, Incontro Pefabbricati is part of the Lombarda Group, the Italian market leader in this field of activity.

Calitatea solutiilor, garantiile solide, viziunea de perspectiva a politicii de investitii si a strategiei de scalare si amplificare a gamei de produse si servicii pe care le oferim in domeniul constructiilor industruale si civile in prefabricatele din beton armat sunt cele care ne-au mentinut pe piata in tot acest timp.


In the over 27 years of activity, the company has built one of the most modern car parks in Romania, with the latest trucks and equipment.

The company transports goods mainly to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, but also to other European countries.


Trans Montana has modern warehouses, with all the necessary utilities to store customers’ goods or surplus goods in the best conditions.

Our team of professionals can ensure the speed and safety of loading and unloading operations, as well as transhipment.

Our company is ADR enabled and holds an environmental permit for storage.

Truck service

Trans Montana owns one of the most modern truck services in Romania, with a team of professional mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment.

The repair activity is made available to third parties, thus ensuring repairs for the fleets of other transport companies.


Groupages. In order to obtain the lowest possible prices, we can offer groupage services for goods for international transport.

Procedures. Our company can perform customs formalities on behalf of clients, having contracts with the main customs commissioners.

over 27 years of activity

We are an innovative company and open to everything that is new in international freight transport.

Since its inception, we have stood out in the market, investing every year in capacity development, fleet and team, thus gaining the trust of long-term customers.

We are characterized by dynamism, flexibility and direct involvement in the transport, thus ensuring compliance with deadlines.

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